Wine Chic River Cruises

Wine Chic River Cruises is the collaboration of two travel industry professionals, Kathleen Wheeler and Patti Palamidessi.

Their love and passion for travel combined allows their clients to experience exciting, unique adventures. Each group vacation is hand-crafted and selected specifically because of the incredible destinations that are visited, as well as the experiences that are gained.

Kathleen Wheeler

My passion for travel starts with my love for people and the different cultures from around the world. I have traveled to dozens of countries all over the globe and have met so many incredibly warm, delightful people. They’ve showed me their homeland and I’ve got to experience their cuisine, their entertainment, and their lives. I find it remarkable that we can all be so different, yet all share one common trait, and that is kindness and love.

Patricia A. Palamidessi

I have just retired from our family restaurant (Club Pheasant) after 45 years! After taking groups to Italy for years for Experience Italy, I started exploring the rest of Europe and opened my own travel agency. I am an author of my self-help book, The Other Four Letter Word. Have been an active Rotarian, and love to help others.